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Tuesday, September 15, 2015



Eric D. Pollard, age 97 of Barryville, NY passed away Friday, September 4, 2015, at

home with his family by his side. He was born on November 30, 1917 in Manchester,

England, the son of Thomas Sr. and Lilly Roscoe Pollard. Eric was predeceased by his

wife of sixty-seven years, Iris Hissey Pollard who passed away last year at the age of 95.

After Eric's childhood immigration to the United States, he was raised and schooled in

Wakefield and Ramsey in Upper Michigan where he met his beloved Iris on a tennis

court and were married. He helped build the main highway from upper Michigan to

Detroit where he relocated before serving our country as a decorated soldier in the US

Army during World War

Returning from the war he was employed at General Motors in Detroit and worked his

way up to General Manager at Detroit Transmission. He enjoyed an early retirement and

traveled the states camping, which included a snoring buffalo under their camper with the

herd standing by! Eric was an avid boat and fisherman on the Great Lakes which

included the excitement of flipping his sailboat, mast upside down, for fun! He loved the

outdoors, excitement and adventure.

He was an industrious and a skilled builder and wood craftsman. He built three homes,

helped repair churches, instrumental in the construction of a Lion's Ilan and piping in

water lines to Harsens Island where he and iris initially retired. When Eric and Iris

relocated to Sebastian, Florida, his drive for community improvements and service

continued. He also developed a talent for oil painting, clock making, loved making

music on his violin, when he could conjure up an audience!

For the past ten years Eric and Iris resided with their daughters, enjoying the beautiful,

peaceful atmosphere of family life in the woods and all it entails. He helped take care of

his beloved wife and was at her bedside when she passed.

Eric was a generous man who loved his family, friends, church and country. He had an

acute sense of English humor, often only detected by a slight grin he would try to hide or

the twinkle in his blue eyes!

Eric is survived by his two daughters, Carolyn Gausden and Sandra Doe of Barryville, his

lovely sister Mary Cooprider of Garden City, MI, grandchildren Kenneth Doe and wife

Jean of Sparrow Bush, NY, Nadine, Brent and his wife Adrianne Gausden of CA. and

several great grandchildren. He was predeceased by his brother Thomas Pollard Jr.

Eric brought an abundance of joy and happiness to his family, friends and community.

He left us with many great stories to tell and fond memories. He had a passion for living

life to the fullest. He taught honesty, integrity and moral principles, perseverance,

community service and love of fellow man! He will be missed. In his memory, please

“pass it forward”.  A  Mass of Christian Burial  held at St. Ann’s Parish, Shohola, PA. 

Arrangements are by the Knight-Auchmoody Funeral Home, 154 E. Main St., Port Jervis, NY.

For information, directions or to send a condolence note tot he family visit knight-auchmoody.com

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